Don't miss CJR Daily's interview with Susan Estrich. Noted:
I don't think discrimination is conscious, but that makes it even harder to deal with. I don't think anybody sits down and says, we hate women here. But they call their friends, print whom they like, whom they know, who's been around. It takes a conscious effort to make change. I remember once asking a panel of men at a news business conference about how gender entered into their coverage and to a man -- including now-Mayor Bloomberg -- they said they didn't take gender into account. Well, if you don't, [the end result] is just one woman, or none. That is what most corporate boards look like, and it's what most op-ed pages look like. But an op-ed page is easier to change than a corporate board. You can change it in a matter of hours or days, just by deciding to, and reaching out consciously.
Yes, it is that easy. Thank you, Susan!


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