Essential Cupcake Ingredient of the Week: Antibiotics

We're both sick! Lauren and I are both fighting this crazy flu that is going around. I'm coming out of mine (it involved a weekend of codiene for all the hacking and hacking), so maybe I'll come up with a bit more for you tomorrow.

For now: Our Friday event with Ann Powers and Katherine Lanpher got listed in the New Yorker (minus any mention of Cupcake itself. A "Talk" we are, apparently). This listing, though, appeased my grumpiness--only one woman contributor's byline in the table of contents. When this happens, as it pretty much always does the weeks I actually manage to look at my New Yorker, I growl and want to throw the thing across the subway car, and I am thankful that my Time Out comes the same day. A horoscope is so much more hopeful than a less-than-ten-percent representation of women, no? A little horoscope, a little shopping tip, that easy interview on the back page.

Everyone I owe email to: I will catch you next week, baby, but please do come out this FRIDAY at 7:30 to Lolita.


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