From the gorgeously revamped listings section in this week's print edition of the New York Press:
172 Allen St. (Betw. Stanton & Rivington Sts.)

"Spring Forward: Women on the Verge": Like her "quietly moving" (Booklist) debut novel High Strung, North Carolina-based author Quinn Dalton's new story collection, Bulletproof Girl, centers around alienated women. Tonight, she shares the podium with Elizabeth Merrick, co-founder of the Cupcake Reading Series and author of the forthcoming novel Girly, a sprawling novel told in seven different voices, following three generations of rural Pennsylvanian women (7, FREE).
I am so excited to be working with Quinn and Elizabeth independently of Cupcake to promote their respective projects! We hope you can join us for this buzzworthy glimpse of two fabulous new books that are coming out this spring.

In the meantime, Elizabeth posted excerpts of Girly during the two weeks I was in Paris, and it all begins with the prologue. Skim the November archives for later installments in "our first Cupcake art-blog project."


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