I love the interviews at Gothamist.com -- although at times comically uneven from week to week, they are definitely the best feature of the site. As I read the interview with Danyel Smith yesterday -- which in addition to being thoroughly enjoyable, was fabulous because she's a Cupcake (May '04) -- it got me to reminiscing about all the Cupcakes who have been interviewed there (and there have been more than a couple in the past year or two).

With that in mind, here's a special Gothamist Interview edition of the not-so-half-baked Cupcake media conspiracy theory:

Jami Attenberg
Maud Newton
Blaise K
Rachel Kramer Bussel (who's now a Gothamist interviewer!)
Elizabeth Spiers

Also: Kirsten Major gets an honorable mention for being name-dropped by John Hodgman.

And: Amanda Stern gets a golden cupcake iced with pixie dust for actually mentioning Cupcake in her interview (and also in another at Maisonneuve).

The Big Apple: Soon to be known as the Big Cupcake...? Hmmmmm.....


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