I'm not really an Oscars kind of a girl, but you know, neither is Chris Rock. I turned it on briefly to a pre-recorded bit where he went down to the Magic Johnson theatres to talk to some black folks, none of whom had seen too many of the very white films nominated.

Many of whom loved White Chicks however.

Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle are such role models for us here at Cupcake: they're totally political, but not limited in their vision to one viewpoint. They focus on the storytelling, and they're hilarious.

Chris Rock gave the black moviegoers Oscars to hold while giving their imagined acceptance speeches. This was GORGEOUS, and magic. It highlights the insane lack of anybody not white giving such speeches, obviously, and by however many million people watching these acceptance speeches Chris Rock majorly boosts the thread in the world for more such speeches. Repeating the story make the story more and more true. It's fake-it-til-you-make-it in action. Chris Rock as much of a teacher right now to me as Tori Amos has been.

Is the Academy coming around? I remember so vividly back in the eighties when Do the Right Thing, which along with Blue Velvet redefined American film in that decade, didn't even get nominated. And then of course the year that the Guerrilla Girls threw "Anatomically Correct Oscar" (i.e., middleaged white hetero dudes) billboards outside the studios in LA was the year that Denzel and Halle won (for what were to me astonishingly degrading roles, but I guess we can't expect too much too soon from these white men who most of the country allows to hold such power: the power of our stories and our imaginations.)

Maybe it's changing. And Chris Rock gives me such hope that you can effect that change by being whip smart, rather than by being a kissass.

We'll see. Big activist efforts to come from us this spring, oh my oh my oh my.


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