Our lovely Cupcake alum Danyel Smith (author of the new novel Bliss forthcoming from Crown in July 2005) writes in with an update and some viewing suggestions:
Hey all,

Herewith my longish, shameless plug for the ego trip VH1 series. First night is Feb. 21 [tonight!]

Check the link for:

"Dude, Where's My Ghetto Pass?"
Monday Feb. 21
9/8c PM

Tuesday Feb. 22
9/8c PM

"In Race We Lust"
Wednesday Feb. 23
9/8c PM

"Race-O-Rama is a series focusing on funny and provocative racial observations. The series is a follow up of VH1 and ego trip's first partnership, TV's Illest Minority Moments, which was adapted from ego trip's Big Book of Racism . The high profile show featured guests Anthony Anderson, John Singleton, Kelis, Outkast, the RZA and Joey Medina and others talkingabout some of the most compelling, provocative and unintentionally hilarious race-related moments in television. The series will consist of three one hour specials exploring some amusing, bizarre and hot button topics."

xo Elizabeth (via Danyel)

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