What a gorgeous time we had at Cupcake on Friday. Katherine Lanpher and Ann Powers were stellar, the crowd was my favorite New York crowd as always.

I've been watching Ann's career for so long. When I was in graduate school in the late nineties and all this Cupcake stuff-- the lack of women published as serious writers--was becoming all too painfully apparent to me, I would get such a boost from reading her reviews in the New York Times. Her presence there gave me hope. We need more of that--the New Yorker having one woman byline on the Table of Contents last week is so bad for ALL women.

I've been really inpsired lately by all the good work going on at Dave Eggers's 826 tutoring centers, but when you have one woman in the New Yorker, just as one example of how abysmal the job/recognition stuff is for women writers, how can you teach young girls how to write? What's the point? So they can fight over the one slot out of fourteen? So they can start planning on getting a job in fashion and writing a tell all now in order to pay their rent into their thirties?


Anyway, what a gorgeous night that was, and the book, Piece by Piece, debuted at 14 on the bestseller list, which I do believe could keep my heart warm for all of March.


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