Currently reading: From the Beast to the Blonde: On Fairy Tales and Their Tellers. Noted:
Fairy tale offers a case where the very contempt for women opened an opportunity for them to exercise their wit and communicate their ideas: women's care for children, the prevailing disregard for both groups, and their presumed identity with the simple folk, the common people, handed them fairy tales as a different kind of nursery, where they might set up their own seedlings and plant out their own flowers.
It's an intriguing book, as I'm into all that at the moment.

Also: I saw this once and then forgot about it, but it suddenly sprang to mind as I wrote this post. A.S. Byatt will be at Lincoln Center Barnes and Noble on March 4, at 7pm, presumably to promote the paperback version of her deliciously dark and absolutely enchanting Little Black Book of Stories.


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