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By Paula Kamen:


So, the reading for my book All in My Head at Women & Children First Bookstore in Chicago and the party afterward did go very well last night. At least measured in volumes of food consumed. The restaurant owner commented he had never seen such a ravenous crowd attack a buffet table. I can't figure out why, except for the glut of freelance writers and Jewish people.

Needless to say, all the Glitterati, Beautiful People, and Intelligentsia were there, in droves.

I want to point out a few there who have new books out worth checking out:

Kari Lyderson, prolific progressive journalist: Out of the Sea and Into the Fire, about Latin American-US immigration in the age of globalization. A unique view of both the greater policy and the intimate lives of those struggling behind the scenes, from shanties of border towns to neighborhoods in Chicago. To read an interview from LiP Magazine: click here.

She's also a very nice person.


Wendy McClure, Bust columnist, getting ready for the tour for her book, I'm Not the New Me, with anti-dieting tips and observations of the "absurdity of weight loss culture."

You may also know her from her website, Pound. I don't know her that well, but assume from talking to her a few times that she's a very nice person (unless it was all an act).

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