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Congrats to Brooklynite Therese Shechter for the successful TV debut of her film, "I Was a Teenage Feminist" -- on Canadian television last week, re-airing on April 5 and 10.

"If you missed the revolution, filmmaker Therese Shechter's I Was A Teenage Feminist is a refresher course in Feminism 101," said the Toronto Star, March 7, 2005. (I'd get you the URL, but it's the kind of article you have to pay for....It should be on the Trixie Films website soon)

The film, for which I consulted, is about her quest to recapture the exuberance and promise of the women's movement that she felt growing up in the 1970s. She talks to prominent second wave feminists, such as Letty Cottin Pogrebin and Gloria Steinem, as well as third wavers (like the editors of Bust and Brooklyn-based media critic Jennifer Pozner, the head of the new advocacy organization, Women in Media and News), covers young feminist events, and reflects on her own life choices.  There is also some good nostalgia on the indelible spell cast by "Free to Be You and Me." The result is that she does find a women's movement, but in different forms than you would expect.

"I'm getting lots of emails from women who are vowing to change their lives after seeing the film (calling themselves feminists, getting politically active, thinking about women's history...)," she says.

The film will be showing in Chicago June 11th as part of Chicago Filmmakers Pride Month programming. Her company, Trixie Films, is working on international TV distribution and more theatrical and educational screenings in the US.

This is a very funny and provocative film, but I'm most looking forward to her next one, "How I Learned to Speak Turkish," on her personal travels and single-woman adventures in Turkey. Specifically, she describes it as seeking to "understand the psyche and sociology of Turkish males from the first-person vantage-point of a modern American woman." A breakthrough in Jewish/Muslim relations! To see a trailer for the film, go here.

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