Editors' note: Writer Paula Kamen will be guest-blogging here on Fridays in March.

In a Bipolar Author Disorder fashion, I will give a rambling and somewhat disconnected report of literary happenings of the past week in my world:

--Speaking of Sick Lit, last week I met Christa Donner, the editor of the clever  Chicago-based 'zine, Ladyfriend: For Ladies and their Friends.
It addresses the still-under written-about topic of female friendships. The current issue, #8, has a health theme. A lot of stuff I didn't know about, such as someone getting an operation to remove a too-thick hymen, and someone getting a worm lodged in their brain from a trip to Madagascar. It also features a helpful map of "weird medical attractions across America." I hope to visit the featured Museum of Questionable Medical Devices when I get to Minneapolis/Saint Paul next week.

--Also on that vein, I was just interviewed by stellar writing teacher Deborah Emin for her website.

We talked about the outlining side of the writing process, specifically about how writing plays and learning about what makes "drama" can come in use in a memoir. (not up as of this writing but it will be soon). I enjoyed reading her own essay, "Why I decided to stop being a schizophrenic after 50" in the first issue of the new urban publication NYCPlus, for folks over 50 (where the hipsters go when the AARP newsletter won't cut it).

--And not speaking of anything even remotely diagnosable on the DSM IV chart, tonight I saw Marilyn Abildskov, another writer/writing teacher (visiting from San Francisco), read at Women and Children First. She entertained the crowd with her literary yet interestingly steamy memoir, The Men in My Country,about her years living and teaching in Japan.  It should win an award just for the great cover art, featuring cute little men made of origami.

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