Editors' note: Writer Paula Kamen will be guest-blogging here on Fridays in March.

By Paula Kamen

First, I want to follow up on last Friday's blogging. With true genius and dexterity, this entry bridges the gap between my reading in April and the March Cupcake program.

I forgot to mention another feminist-oriented Chicago authoress I came across at my reading last week, Punk Planet Associated Publisher Anne Elizabeth Moore, whose recent book Hey Kidz! Buy This Book: A Radical Primer on Corporate and Governmental Propaganda (Soft Skull Press), was illustrated by Megan Kelso (a March Cupcaker). Check it out at heykidz.org. She also blogs regularly to the socially minded adolescent at pocketfullofwishes.blogspot.com.

There she reprints her current article from In These Times about her recent one-woman insurgency to incite feminist dialogue at the American Girl Place on Michigan Avenue. It's sort of like the Vatican, that place, which is so powerful and hallowed that it really should be its own city-state. When visiting Chicago or New York, I recommend peeking in for the spectacle of it all. It's so seductive that I myself almost walked out with $200 worth of mini petticoats and bonnets from the colonial era.

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