For all of you media-obsessed NYC Cupcakes, I highly recommend Ellen Gallagher's DeLuxe show at the Whitney. Tons more information is right here.

Noted: "This work is so complex that it will take a few years for a lot of printmaking to catch up with it," said David Kiehl, the print curator at the Whitney, which reserved the first copy of the work. "Ellen has something to say, and how she is saying it is stretching the medium."

From the Whitney's website:
Ellen Gallagher : DeLuxe, on view January 27 – May 15, 2005

In this group of sixty works, the debut of an important portfolio by a major artist, Ellen Gallagher modifies and elaborates illustrations and advertisements culled from the pages of popular mid-century African-American magazines such as Ebony and Sepia. Her work defies easy description as it explores the very notion of transformation and challenges the conventional assumptions we make about beauty and color, and about printmaking itself. In DeLuxe Gallagher continues, as she has in much of her work, to entice the viewer into dialogues that investigate and reinvigorate our contemporary ideas about race, identity, and historical traditions.
It's totally dynamite.


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