Hey everybody, it's Elizabeth here. I know I've been sort of a bad blogger lately--I've been doing all sorts of tedious things with the very end stages of getting my book to the printer. It's really exciting, but it's sad too--I was emotional all weekend and couldn't figure out why. People keep telling me it's because it's like giving birth--but honestly, that magic with this book was many years ago. It feels much more like sending the kid off to college.

Like: I get to have that space in my house back!
Like: I know this is a major moment of transition, but right now we just have to find the goddamn precisely right extra-long sheets, shower caddy, and backpack.

That's what this proofreading, tab- and indent-checking last phase feels like--a line of SUV's outside an ugly dorm, parental energy obsessing over last minute details.

But now I get to I don't know, have some whirlwind trip to Europe or have an affair or something. Right?

Anyway, that's why the blogging has been light.

Also--very exciting new rounds of workshops are starting--if you're interested, my Foundation course starts 4/4 and my new, 10-week novella course starts 4/5 (that one you have to apply for). I'm looking for someone to barter web design for class time or even one-on-one writing/creativity consultation: my workshops and my new indie press, Demimonde Books, both need basic websites and I am clueless. Clueless, darlings, but let me pick you out a shower caddy or organize your indents and your tabs . . .

If you're capable and interested, let me know: emerrick at gmail dot com


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