Hey everybody. I miss you so much I'm blogging from the Fort Myers airport. I had a gorgeous vaca, thank you very much, and even this little flight delay isn't making me too grumpy. Itunes fixes a lot. Itunes and chocolate. Also, last night I ate in a restaurant that had its own dry ice machine. I'm wondering how my landlord would feel about one of those in my living room? A good excuse for a party, no?

Anyway, check it out: Grace Paley's new publishing house, Glad Day Books. Did you know about this? Neither did I.

Writer Leora Skolkin Smith wrote to wise us up to this lovely endeavor. She says that Paley invested her own money and energy to create Glad Day because she was so displeased with the current state of publishing. How amazing! Grace Paley, in general, is such an inspiration to us here at Cupcake, of course. Thanks Leora!


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