I was downtown this evening and stopped in at Bluestockings to browse, where I came across Hey, 4-Eyes!, which is basically my favorite zine ever and I have an absolutely crazy crush on it.

There isn't any content available online, but here's an idea: Articles about glasses, essays about glasses, comics about glasses. The most wonderful cultural ephemera related to eyeglasses imaginable. A gorgeous cover. A sweet, smart tribute to Altina Saunders, designer of the Harlequin, aka "cateye" frame, which earned her an American Design Award in 1940.

Hey, 4-Eyes! is edited by Robyn Chapman, who also created this groovy Bookslut t-shirt design.

The world's most darling little zine costs just seven dollars, and is worth every penny. I highly recommend stopping by Bluestockings, or giving them a call -- 212.777.6028 -- to order a copy today.

ALSO: Cupcake is this Wednesday, featuring the graphic talents of comic book artistes Megan Kelso and Ariel Bordeaux.

AND: Jessica Lee Jernigan has been blogging up a storm about girls who wear glasses.


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