Oooh what a full dance card I've had this week! Je regret not checking in with you more frequently, but between the usual hot dates and lots of work for some freelance clients with hotly-anticipated new fiction coming out in about a minute, I haven't had as much time as one might to prefer to blog the revolution lately.

Enjoyed a lovely lunch with Kevin Smokler on Monday (look for his intriguing new book in stores later this spring), and then coffee with v. cool Trigger magazine editor Liberation Iannillo (note: they're always looking for writers with a sharp eye and an even sharper tongue; East Village obsession a plus). Morning meeting with Ms. Merrick at Sugar Sweet Sunshine today (absolutely had to check it out after much praise from the always in-the-know Rachel Kramer Bussel, (Cupcake, Sept. '04)), followed by a spectacularly fun lunch with Emma Garman (Cupcake, Sept. '04), who just so happens to have a scandalous piece up on Mediabistro today -- literary conspiracy theorists, definitely take note. It's, shall we say, a doozy. Tomorrow I'll be having lunch with Maud (Cupcake, June '04), who recently reviewed AL Kennedy's latest for Newsday with her characteristic flair to spare...

Came home to some ultrafabulous news that I'll share at a later date and also, a piece I recently wrote is getting linked all over the place! Except for the weather here in New York this afternoon (it's March -- where's spring already? Fortunately, I'll be getting all the tulips I can take on a quick jaunt to Amsterdam + Antwerp the week after next...), it's all divine, divine, divine.

Off to meet someone else darling and get yummy Ethiopian food for dinner. Delish! Much more tk.


PS Delighted to hear, via Beatrice, that Rene Steinke gives good party! We can't wait 'til she reads at the next Cupcake on April 13!

PPS Do take a peek at the Smart Set this week, simply bursting at the seams event-wise, with much fabulousness and ado around town!

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