So how are excited are we for tomorrow night's installment of la vida Cupcake, which has been shortlisted all over the place? So very:

The Cupcake series of readings by women tonight features two graphic novelists, whose work will be projected while being read. Megan Kelso's mid-90's comic book "Girlhero" was a sassy feminist treatise; for the last few years, she's been serializing a long work called "Artichoke Tales." Ariel Bordeaux has a similar story; she now delivers irregular installments of "Raisin Pie.
[via NYT's "The Guide"]


Somewhere out there a 15-year-old girl likes to draw pictures of herself and her friends and tell funny, meaningful stories — and she's wondering if she's weird. But once she discovers the refined, incredibly direct (think Julie Doucet) comic books of Megan Kelso (Girlhero and Artichoke Tales), and sees how Ariel Bordeaux manages to find humor in the mundane in her Raisin Pie series, she's going to realize that she's just fine. Kelso and Bordeaux present multimedia readings as part of the inspirational (and always on point) Cupcake series, a perfect night for those of us still wondering after all this time. (JA) [via Flavorpill]


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