"Some creative fellas talk about the female artists who have most influenced their work," at Venus.
Kyle Fischer
Guitarist and vocalist, Rainer Maria

That's easy: Edna St. Vincent Millay. I found a copy of her amazing book Fatal Interview while I was writing my second record, Black Milk (forthcoming). I was completely riveted by the way she conflated metaphors of love and death. It was having someone say exactly what you'd always tried to, in some irretrievably lost language. Nobody writes like that anymore.

Jamie Stewart
Vocalist, Xiu Xiu

The author Sandra Cisneros. She uses the most direct — and, to a certain extent, even simple — language to, without interpretation or pomp, tell about the tiniest but most devastating and intense childhood moments. She allows a two-page short story to cut your heart to pieces but make you feel understood and hopeful.

David Bazan
Pedro the Lion

Flannery O'Connor (writer, Wise Blood). [She’s] a conflicted Southern Catholic with a strong, original, morbid, and unsentimental voice.
Well...those are some pretty rock 'n' roll writers, esp. Edna St. V....


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