Well will you look at Lauren go? You should, because I'm fairly certain you'll be working for her one day soon. She is the best. Except that she fed me a really delicious actual cupcake at Sugar Sweet Sunshine this morning and then I was wearing mis-matched prints (from Target and TJMaxx respectively, though that was the least of the problems involved) and being a cranky bloodsugar lunatic on the phone by mid-afternoon when I finally remembered the whole protein thing.

But it was worth it. It was this super rich chocolate with a Hockney-hue of aqua icing. Perfect.

I'm out of town for the rest of this week, researching novel #2, which is a prequel to novel #1 (I did work at Skywalker Ranch one summer back in the early nineties, this may explain). Does that excuse my bad-bloggerness? It might actually be novel #3, because this music executive/Juarez, Mexico/quantum physics/groupie-bullshit thang might be next in line. I love having lots of options. But it's way too early in the game, especially for the prequel, to chitchat. Ridiculous to, in fact. I'll tell you later. In the meantime, I am so looking forward to Paula's guestblog tomorrow.


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