What a gorgeous Cupcake we had with Megan Kelso and Ariel Bordeaux last night. Just exquisite. Megan introduced us to her world of artichoke people--amazing slides of her work backed up by a perfect soundtrack of Sigur Ros. Ariel brought us to Maple Valley, where a sweet little old lady may or may not have burnt down a library--quite a mystery!

Next month: April 13, featuring Rene Steinke, author of the new novel Holy Skirts, and Paula Kamen, author of the nonfiction work All In My Head. Don't miss it.


and P.S.: The only writer ever to be a repeat Cupcake, our beloved Jami Attenberg, just sold her book of short stories to Crown! Do your backflips! Sing a song! We are surely doing that over here (we need it--when is spring coming anyway?). I'm doubly pleased because I got to see the stories this fall in one of the private workshops I teach in Brooklyn--I am so proud to have had Jami as a student. (New rounds of workshops starting up April 4, filling fast. Email me for current info: emerrick at gmail dot com).

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