As you know, I spend much of my time working with clients on literary publicity projects. Right now I'm really blessed to be working with two amazing women writers whose books, quite serendipitously, are both being officially released today: Quinn Dalton, author of Bulletproof Girl, and Tayari Jones, author of The Untelling.

Quinn and Tayari both took part in a conversation, along with Carrie A. A. Frye and Gwenda Bond, that was published by Dan Wickett and the Emerging Writers Network yesterday. Entitled, "Emerging Southern Women Writers and Bloggers Discuss...Labels", the discussion playfully yet unflinchingly explored some of the extra adjectives that writers -- and most often women writers -- can get saddled with early in their careers.

Tayari will be in town this Friday to read at Bluestockings with Cupcake alum Maud Newton at 7pm. She'll be uptown on Saturday night for the Chocolat Literary Series, and in San Francisco on May 22. Quinn will be in DC on May 5 for a reading at the 12th Street Barnes & Noble.

I plan to be at at least three of those fabulously free events (lots more are listed at each of their sites), happily taking in some of the lively, nuanced, quality fiction that seems all too rare these days.

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