As you may recall, the coverage of last year's National Book Awards was rather shady and we were not amused. Much of the insult centered on the description of the five nominees as "parochial", attributed to National Book Awards Executive Director Harold Augenbraum.

He recently emailed me to say that he was misquoted, and after I asked, said it would be fine to excerpt his original email:
Every few days I check out the literary blogs to remind myself how much I don't know about what is going on.

Today I was reading your blog, "cupcake" and I came across your re-print of my "quotation" about last year's fiction finalists for the National Book Award. I want to set the record straight: I never said that the fiction finalists were "parochial", never used that word at all in a 15-minute interview.

How did it get into the story? Well, it didn't come from me, it was just attributed to me and it seems to be following me around like an old, wet dog.
As a person who has worked in public relations for the past few years, I can honestly say that happens all the time. Cupcakes: Ask the reporter to record the conversation if you're interviewed. That way, your words will be more accurately conveyed, and you can always go back and force the publication to run a correction if that's not the case in the final piece.

Either way, Harold, we here at Cupcake are both quick to judge and quick to forgive and forget, and so, for what it's worth, you can consider your name cleared as far as we're concerned.

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