A big Cupcake fan writes in:
As a devotee of flavorpill (which has from time to time included the Cupcake reading series among its weekly “picks”), I decided to add, Boldtype (an e-mail newsletter published by flavorpill), to my already overflowing inbox.  Boldtype is hyped as “an email-based book review based on a simple guiding philosophy: to cover every month 5-7 books worth reading. Like a well read friend's picks, each issue is compiled by editors and contributing reviewers who suggest only works that they have read and that they themselves personally recommend.”  What a surprise when I received my first issue—of the 22 books mentioned, only 3 were by female authors.  Someone needs to be cupcake-d.  With frosting.
The moral of the story? Cupcakes count, so should editors.


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